Question: Who Dies In Part 3 Of Money Heist?

Why did Rio break up with Tokyo?

Yet after he was made a free man in Money Heist season 3, one of the first things Rio did was break up with Tokyo.

It’s because of Tokyo’s addiction to being a criminal that Rio realized they couldn’t be together – no matter how much he might still love..

Why did Berlin kill the fat guy?

The fat guy laughed at him because of the bow tie. And Berlin is Berlin, he also ordered to kill a hostage in the first heist. … I think it was done just to keep showing Berlin in the show, they know how much people love him so they’ll just keep making him appear in flashbacks as much as they can.

Who all died in money heist?

The first major member of the team to be killed off in Money Heist was Radko Dragic (Roberto Garcia) who was known by his code name Oslo. He was killed by his cousin Helsinki (Darko Peric) at the end of season one in an act of mercy. This was because he had been hit over the head by a hostage, which left him braindead.

Does Arturo die in money heist?

Despite being shot twice throughout the series, once by a mistaken sniper and, more recently, by Manila (Belén Cuesta), Arturo has so far made it out of Money Heist alive.

How is Berlin alive in Season 3?

He never came out alive. At the end of Episode 9 of Season 2 he sacrifices himself near the tunnel. What we see in the season 3 and season 4 are flashbacks of Berlin.

Who killed Gandia?

Gandía then shot her in the hand to make the other gang members back off. He emerged using her as a human shield, and just when it seemed like Nairobi was about to get away, he called her a “mutt”, one last time, and shot her in the head.

Does Salva kill Raquel’s mother?

Thanks to Arturo’s plan, 17 hostages manage to escape, seriously injuring Oslo in the process. Before his car accident, Ángel had left a voice message on Raquel’s landline explaining that Salva was the one behind the heist. … The Professor believes he has no choice but to kill Raquel’s mother.

Do Monica and Denver break up?

Denver and Mónica eventually fall in love. When Moscow and Nairobi find out about their relationship, they tell Denver that it is just “Stockholm Syndrome”, and that her “love” for him is out of fear. Denver ends the romance.

Is La Casa de Papel a real story?

The answer is straight and simple no. Money Heist is a fictional story created by Alex Pina. However, a lot of elements from this jaw-dropping thriller have been taken from real life. Season 1 and 2 of the show followed the gang as they planned to rob the Royal Mint of Spain in an ambitious 11 day heist.

Is Berlin actually dead?

Money Heist’s fan-favorite heist captain Berlin died at the end of season 2, but thanks to the show’s love of flashbacks he has continued to feature regularly throughout the Bank of Spain heist.

Is Tokyo Denver’s mother?

Tokyo is NOT the mother of Denver. They are completely different characters. You are much, not to say, everyone, to think that Tokyo is the mother of Denver, because you saw Moscow addressing the robber as if she were the mother of her son.

Who died in money heist 4?

Money Heist season 4 is on Netflix and fans were left feeling emotional after one of the main characters was killed. Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) died after being shot in the head and fans of La Casa de Papel are still suffering. Actress Flores has revealed why she had to leave the series.

How does Denver laugh?

Denver having an annoying laugh was written into the script as part of his character, and Lorente improvised different laughs during his audition until he came up with the sound that is now an aural signature of the show. … “The laugh actually came up on the casting for the show.

What happens in Part 3 of money heist?

Part three has Nairobi and Helsinki escaping to Argentina with their cut of the loot. The two return to help the Professor with his plot against the Bank of Spain to make themselves some more money and help out young Rio.

Why is Arturito hated?

First of all, he cheats on his wife for Monica and then didn’t stand by her as well when she told him about her pregnancy. 2. He is a coward. He never does anything on his own but puts other people in front for his motives which makes their life in jeopardy.

Is Raquel a traitor?

Some users have pointed out that she was not a traitor, but just taken by the police against her will. Another user called gramfer replied: “Nah, she burnt all bridges. A traitor would give everybody up before the new robbery, at least the Professor.”

Is Berlin Sergio’s brother?

The Professor (Sergio Marquina) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Álvaro Morte. He is the mastermind of the heist who assembled the group, as well as Berlin’s brother.

Does Raquel die in money heist Season 3?

During the finale episode of part three of Money Heist, viewers are lead to believe that Raquel has been shot by Suarez. … Later in the episode, it is revealed Raquel was not killed, and that the police only wanted The Professor to think they had executed her in order to gain control of the heist.

Is Berlin alive in Season 4?

While Alonso is on set filming season 5, Berlin has appeared in season 3 & 4 the same way: in flashback sequences. This also isn’t the first time Alonso has teased fans about Berlin being alive, as the season 3 trailer for Money Heist had a similar tease.

Is Lisbon a traitor?

Money Heist Season 5 Spoilers Revealed: Lisbon is a Traitor and Berlin’s Return Confirmed. Money Heist Season 5 will resolve the cliffhanger from the last season and reveal the fate of El Professor after he is caught by Alicia Sierra.

Does Gandia die?

Viewers will remember how season four of Money Heist saw Gandia escape from being held hostage inside the Bank of Spain. … In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season, he shot her in the head after the heist members had made a deal for her return.